3 – 5 Years

3 - 5 Years


This is the older group at Bloomers Day Nursery - the Pre-School children. The focus here is preparation for primary school and the children learn through the 7 areas of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) which are:

Physical Development
Communication and Language
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Understanding the World
Expressive Arts and Design


The pre-school children attend a lot of educational visits outside of the Nursery such as visiting museums, trips to the florist to learn about growing plants and attending exhibitions to celebrate Black History Month, we also visited China Town to celebrate Chinese New Year. More regular visits include going to the local library for weekly story sessions. The pre-school children take part in many activities on-site to extend their knowledge and development. These cover all areas of the EYFS, for example, activities on physical development, to more academic learning including numeracy and literacy.

The pre-school children are encouraged to further develop independence such as carrying out daily tasks and activities e.g. setting the tables for lunch, self-serving their food at meal times et cetera. Pre-school children take part in registration each morning to prepare them for the transition to primary school.

Staff at Bloomers Day Nursery understand the importance of how technology can change the way children think, what they learn, and how they interact with peers and adults. Young children are surrounded by technology at home, in their community, and increasingly, in early childhood education programmes. Pre-schoolers use computers to create art, make music, tell and record stories, hear their stories read back to them, and play educational games that can connect with off-screen learning and play. Careful planning of computer use lets children explore these new opportunities.

Phonics sessions regularly take place to help the pre-school children practise communicating with greater clarity. To aid this still further, they are encouraged to participate in role play activities where they can learn to put their phonics skills into action, as well as being imaginative and emulating ‘what adults do’ in various job roles.


Why choose us?

Staff in the pre-school room observe their key children and write reports for them, copies of which go to the parents/carers every 6 months (January and July) after their 6 week on Entry report. This is important to track the children’s development at the Nursery and staff are available to discuss the reports if there are any concerns. Each child receives a Transition Report which they take to Reception class. This can help their new teacher understand their personality and needs.