2 – 3 Years

2 - 3 Years


The toddler room is where we house our blossoming 2 – 3 year olds, who are constantly intrigued by new things in the world around them. The children in the toddler room learn through the 7 areas of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) which are:

Physical Development
Communication and Language
Social and Emotional Development
Understanding the World
Expressive Arts and Designs


Speech and language groups are provided for those children who require additional support. Two daily sessions of circle time give the opportunity for offering activities where children can express their feelings, and communicate with their peers and staff. The ‘Rhyme of the Week’, which is changed fortnightly, is also incorporated into circle time and available for parents/carers via the notice board.

We participate in activities which allow children to create their own imaginative drawings through mark making and painting. We also offer activities where the children can learn through exploring kinaesthetically, feeling textures in their hands. Such activities include messy play; using ‘play dough’, which the children help to make; working with cooked foods, Weetabix and water; painting and rainbow bubbles.

It is in the toddler room that we at Bloomers Day Nursery encourage the children to discover their own independence through their learning. They help to set up the dinner tables daily for lunch and understand the routines pertaining to this. The children are encouraged to self-serve their food and feed themselves, as well as pouring their own water.

In the toddler room, we potty train the children in partnership with parents/carers. The toddlers have their own garden where they can explore and play with the bikes, trampolines and other physical equipment that are at their disposal. If they wish to participate in calmer activities, there is a selection of books, sand and water play, as well as the space to play games without equipment.

Activities in the toddler room include exploration through numeracy, such as stacking blocks and counting and role play using dressing up clothes and props. We introduce sand and water play for children to explore different textures and to experiment with.


Why choose us?

The toddler room staff observes their key children and write reports for them. Copies of the reports go to the parents/carers every 6 months (January and July) after their 6 week on Entry Report. This is important to track the children’s development at the Nursery and staff are available to discuss the reports if there are any concerns. Staff in the toddler room also carry out the 27 Month integrated reviews. This is where the health visitor and parents/carers meet to discuss the child’s development to that point, and what can be put in place to support them in the future.