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About Us

Bloomers Day Nursery is registered by OFSTED and was established in January 2006. We have since expanded into a blooming business catering for different ages.
Opening times are from 8am-6pm (Extended hours of 7.30am-6.30pm are available on request.) , Monday-Friday.

Our Mission Statement is:
“To provide quality childcare at an affordable price”

We provide a service where your child (ren) can be secure, well cared for and are able to access good learning and developmental opportunities.

Our Facilities

Our Aim

Our aim throughout the foundation stage is to:

  • Establish good relationships with children and their parents/carers;
  • Work in partnership with parents/carers;
  • Observe children’s development and plan steps to support individual development;
  • Cater for the needs of each child, individually supporting and building on their strengths;
  • Provide a consistent routine where the children can feel secure.
Our Facilities
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Unique Selling Points

At Bloomers Day Nursery we provide exceptional care of children’s health and development. We are part of the, ‘Eat Better, Start Better’ scheme.. We also work very closely with the health visitor through integrated 27 month reviews and immunisations.

We offer 15 hours free education for 2-3 year olds and 3-5 year olds, and also offer subsidised childcare programme (SCP 15hours)

Services We Offer

At Bloomers Day Nursery we regularly plan small trips that can involve parents/carers and their families. There is an annual larger ‘summer trip’, the most recent of which was to Gulliver’s Land Theme Park in Milton Keynes; a most enjoyable day for all. We are keen to allow the children to explore and learn through exposure to different environments. So within our trip planning, we take the children to local parks weekly, as well as to the library, museums, Homerton Fire Station and local cinemas.

We also celebrate together when the children leave our Nursery to move on to primary school. A graduation party is thrown, where they all receive a photo in their gown and a certificate of graduation from Bloomers Day Nursery.

We provide healthy, fresh food at Bloomers Day Nursery following a healthy eating programme. Our meal times also provide a time for social interaction, where the children can eat and communicate in a calm atmosphere. We also cater for children who have different dietary requirements.

At Bloomers Day Nursery we have an open door policy where parents/Carers can come into the office once they have collected their child (ren) to speak with a member of staff. If at any point there’s no one to speak to then an appointment can be made to come in and speak to a member of the management team.

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Our curriculum planning reflects the child’s interests and their learning styles. We provide a variety of activities through the curriculum and believe children learn through play. At Bloomers Day Nursery we offer opportunities for children to take part in activities that support their development across all 7 areas of the EYFS. These, are Communication and Language, Personal social and emotional development, Physical development, literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world and Expressive arts and design.

We observe our children closely to extend their learning development. We do individual planning for all our key children which is called “My Special Week”. This is in place to follow all children’s different interests and to support their learning through areas which excite them. In cooperation with “My Special Week” we give out "Parents Voices" to our key parents to gather additional information on their child's interests at home, and then we implement these interests in our daily planning for our key children.

All children are allocated a key person during their settling in period which helps both the children and parents to become comfortable with the transition. The key person shows a special interest in the children from day to day. Our key people work closely with parents and carers to help support the children through new experiences and transitions.