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May 1, 2019

Hackney News

Autumn and Halloween:

Children in baby room, toddler room and Pre-School room have been learning about the theme autumn and Halloween, we even had a fun fancy dress party at nursery.

What has baby room been doing?

Babies have taken part in lots of sensory activities looking and feeling the different leaves some are crunchy, some are soft, fig cones and sticks. Our babies have been creative and made their own autumnal arty work that has been displayed and taken home to parents, they have done leave painting, making their own autumn trees with sticks and finger prints as the blossoms.

What have toddlers been doing?

Toddlers have been taking part in autumn activities, they have explored the leaves and their colours, they have been curious to recognise and notice that the leaves are crunchy and wet. Toddler have learnt that in autumn it’s windy and we need our coats and hats and scarfs. Toddlers have taken part in creative activities making their own autumn paintings. Toddlers have taken part in maths activities implementing the theme of autumn matching the pictures of autumn into pairs. Toddlers have also taken part in science experiments, where they put conkers in water and froze them over night and watched them melt the next day. Toddlers have explored pumpkins, they carved them and have also been taught that you can make pumpkin soup which is orange.

What have pre school children been doing?

Pre school children have gone on autumnal walks in the forest collecting leaves, fir cones, conkers and sticks, they enjoyed exploring the different colour leaves and different textured leaves.  Pre-School children have also taken part in activities where they have done leave painting, tree paining and fir cone stamping.  Pre-School children have explored and also carved pumpkins and learnt about making pumpkin soup.  Pre school children have also been baking biscuits and cakes.